Become a MOCOPA Party

Distribution Businesses

Distribution Network Operators (DNOs) are obliged in industry to be a Party to the MOCOPA as set out in Clause 27 of the Distribution Connection and use of System Agreement (DCUSA). This includes Independent Distribution Network Operators (iDNOs) that are listed and registered on Ofgem’s website.

Please read the MOCOPA and Registration Authority (RA) Manual for the detailed clauses on accessions and fees. For assistance with your accession please contact us directly.

MOCOPA Operators

To become a Party to the MOCOPA you must firstly be able to demonstrate that you are:

To become a BSC Meter Operator Agent or if you require assistance with Market Entry, please contact ELEXON directly as the MOCOPA Registration Authority (RA) is unable to assist you with this. This will need to be completed before you apply to become a Party to the MOCOPA.

The MOCOPA accession process includes:

  • a pre-application carried out by the RA;
  • on-site headquarter audit; and
  • site audits carried out by experienced auditors.

The number of site audits required is dependent on the size of your operational workforce.

To become a Party to the MOCOPA, please contact the RA who manages the administration of the Code as set out in the RA Manual and Party compliance in accordance with MOCOPA. The RA will discuss the process to begin your accession.