Become a MOCOPA Operator

The purpose of MOCOPA® is to ensure safety, technical and interface arrangements between distribution businesses and meter operators are followed and the Registration Authority is responsible for the accession and assurance of MOCOPA® Operators.

To accede to MOCOPA®, you must be actively working as a BSC Meter Operator, or on behalf of an existing MOCOPA® Operator, or have a plan to implement metering operations within a three month period of accession. The accession process includes site audits and HQ audits to be carried out within three months of completing the initial application process. To enable us to conduct these audits, you must have operations set up and be able to perform the relevant duties of a Meter/MOCOPA® operator.

Step 1 – Consider Becoming a BSC Qualified Meter Operator Agent

The first step for your company is to consider whether it is useful to become a BSC (Balancing and Settlement Code) qualified Meter Operator Agent. This will allow you to work within the GB Electricity market and assist with market entry. Listed below are links to the relevant pages within the ELEXON website. Please note neither MOCOPA® nor Gemserv Limited have any involvement in this process. Questions regarding BSC qualification should be directed to ELEXON directly.

Alternatively, you can also accede to MOCOPA® directly without BSC qualification if your company is working under the instruction of a BSC qualified Meter Operator Agent.

Step 2 – MOCOPA® Accreditation

A. Upon successful implementation of metering operations, you will be able to consider accession to MOCOPA®. To apply, follow the guidance and complete the documents listed below.

  •  – Please read the obligations you are acceding to in the MOCOPA®, then complete of the Meter Operation Code of Practice Agreement (MOCOPA®) – Form of Accession Agreement.

B. Please read Section 2 and Section 3 of the RA Manual, which outlines the process and relevant sections of MOCOPA® which you should be aware of. These can be found below, alongside the relevant appendices.

Next, please complete and return the following:


Please note that due to the implementation of the Smart Metering Programme, there is a considerable influx of applications to become MOCOPA® accredited. You will be given indicative timescales for completion when you submit your application, however, please be aware that the duration of accession will be dependent on the quality of your submission and the scheduling of site visits. The MOCOPA® accreditation consists of three parts:

1. Initial Application Process

The Registration Authority will review your application. The timescales are dependent on the quality of your application, but this step can take up to two months to be completed.

2. Provisional MOCOPA® Application

If your application is considered to be satisfactory following the assessment of your headquarters processes and procedures (HQ Audit), you will be granted a provisional certificate. This will be valid for three months from the date of issue. Within these three months, the Registration Authority will assess your technical competency on site (Site Audit).

3. Full MOCOPA® Certificate

If your audits have concluded satisfactory, you will be awarded a Full MOCOPA® Certificate, which will be valid until that MOCOPA® financial year concludes. This will be ensued by annual HQ and Site Audits, and until membership ends.


MOCOPA® Accession and Registration Fees are set annually by the MOCOPA® Review Panel and are dependent on the size of the Meter Operator. For that reason, the MOCOPA® accession fee differs, however, approximate fees are between £3,000 and £4,000 for the accession and membership until the end of the MOCOPA® financial year (1st April – 31st March). Upon submission of the MOCOPA® application form, you will be invoiced an initial accession fee. After the provisional certificate is issued, you will be invoiced the MOCOPA® Registration Fee

Please send your application to