Frequently Asked Questions

I am a meter installer individual and would like a copy of my Competency Certificate.  

MOCOPA does not provide competency certificates to individuals.  Meter operators are responsible for assessing meter installer competencies and for issuing competency certificates. You need to contact the meter operator who assessed your competency to obtain a certificate.

I am an individual operative and I would like to be trained in MOCOPA. 

The MOCOPA Registration Authority do not offer training courses. Each meter operator working under MOCOPA is responsible for the training and assessment of their own operatives. If you would like to become a meter installer, please contact the existing MOCOPA Operator parties (Signatories tab on the website) to find out about current vacancies for trainee installers.

I am a MOCOPA authorised meter operative. Why do I need separate authorisation to work in the Scottish Power and Northern Powergrid network areas?  

As part of their company policies and to meet industry regulations Scottish Power and Northern Powergrid currently require meter operatives working in their network areas to be authorised separately in addition to MOCOPA authorisation.

I would like to obtain MOCOPA accreditation for my company.  

Please visit the Become a MOCOPA Operator page of our website or contact the Registration Authority at  or 0207 191 1753 to find out more about the requirements and processes involved in becoming a MOCOPA Operator.

I am a local authority/electrical contractor/housing association that wants to become a MOCOPA Party. 

It is not practicable for local authorities, housing associations or electricians to become MOCOPA accredited. Applicants to MOCOPA need to have a fully-fledged metering operation set up to be able to satisfy the technical and safety requirements of the agreement and need to be either a BSC (Balancing and Settlement Code) qualified Meter Operator Agent or work under the instruction of a BSC qualified Meter Operator Agent. MOCOPA Operators are further only allowed to withdraw cut-out fuses of meters for which they are the appointed meter operator. Accession to MOCOPA alone therefore doesn’t provide general authorisation to withdraw cut-out fuses from any meter position.

I only want to install smart meters or only install legacy meters; do I need to become MOCOPA accredited? 

Yes, in order to install smart meters, meter operators need to be MOCOPA accredited and MOCOPA is an accreditation for meter operators of all electricity meters. This means that policies are required to include the installation of Whole Current and/or Current Transformer meters, not solely to the installation of dual fuel or smart meters. Applicants will be assessed following the MOCOPA guidelines for electricity meters and all HSE and training policies should reflect this.

Who are ELEXON, what is the BSC and why are they relevant for meter operators?  

The Balancing and Settlement Code (BSC) sets out the rules for balancing and settlement arrangements of electricity in Great Britain. A high-level explanation of the BSC arrangements can be found here. ELEXON is the company responsible for administration of the BSC. Metering is an important part of the balancing and settlement processes and ELEXON in their role as the administrator of the BSC ensure that any organisations entering the market develop their systems and processes to the standards required by the Code. Further information on the BSC qualification and market entry processes can be found here. To become a MOCOPA Operator you must either be a BSC Qualified Meter Operator Agent or work under the instruction of BSC Qualified Meter Operator Agent.

I am an electrician/electrical contractor; can I work on the metering equipment? 

You can work on the Customer’s equipment only. Only MOCOPA Parties can work on the Distribution Business and Supplier equipment.

I am a Developer/Building Network Operator (BNO) and require clarity on what policy we should adopt when installing meters in new build sites. 

There are multiple regulations that you will need to be aware of when designing and installing the electricity supply and metering. We recommend you involve the Distribution Business and Meter Operator (directly or via your Supplier) as early as possible to ensure all requirements are followed. Further information can be obtained from the Energy Networks Association (ENA) and the Association of Meter Operators.

I am a local authority/electrical contractor/housing association that wants to install isolator switches only.  

To install isolator switches it is necessary to be a Party to the MOCOPA. MOCOPA Operators are required to fully satisfy the technical and safety requirements of the Agreement.  Installing isolators should be arranged via your electricity Supplier (or Meter Operator, if you have a direct contract).